1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan 2024 – Full Guide

You may be interested in knowing the current price of 1kW solar system in Pakistan with all taxes included in 2024. This is why people in Pakistan have shifted discourse to harness solar power, considering electricity tariffs have been adjusted upward. Currently, the price of 1kW solar power system in Pakistan may vary between 150,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR based on the quality of the solar panel and accessories. But solar power is accompanied by the quality and elegance of the solar panels, which can be an efficient and consistent power supply.

1kw solar system price in pakistan

Specific Plan for Installation of an Integrated 1kW Solar System

Item Details Qty Price per Unit Total Cost (PKR)
Longi 550 watt Grade Tier 1 PV / PV Solar Panel 2 42/watt 46,200
Crown Xavier Inverter 1.2 kilowatt 1 39,000 39,000
Installation Cost NOS 2,000 2,000
Structure L 2 C-Type 2 5,500 11,000
Protection Complete DP Box NOS 8,000 8,000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Flexible, Non-Flammable,Imported) 1 90/yards 5,000
12 Volt Battery 1 30,000 30,000
Total Estimated Cost 141,200

Some of the things that can cause variations in the price of a 1 kilowatt solar system in Pakistan are:

Cost And Effectiveness Different aspects define the cost of 1kW solar power system in Pakistan. Such things as the type of solar panel and the manufacturer, the type of inverter, the capacity of batteries that you want, and the cost of installation are some of the specifications of the packages. For a precise price quote as well as the specifics according to the location, it is advisable to consult a certified solar system dealer.

Importance of Quality

It is generally not wise to buy cheap solar panels despite the fact that you get to spend less money on them since their efficiency and durability are low. When you invest extra cash to buy high-quality solar panels, they will last for many years; therefore, it was money well spent.

To become familiar with a 1kW solar system

1kW solar system generates about 1000 watts of electricity, which is suitable for homes that do not consume more than 200 units per month. Some of the details would be informative because it becomes clear that this system can save significant amounts of money on electricity bills.

How Many Things Can a 1kW Solar System Operate?

  • One television or LED
  • Three fans
  • Six bulbs or energy savers

With this setting, one can save approximately 120 to 150 units on average each month. As per current charges, 1 unit means 20 rupees, and as for a 1kW solar system, a maximum of 4000–5000 rupees can be saved monthly. Nevertheless, it is expensive in the initial stages but is a one-time affair that will provide free energy for 25–40 years.

The Necessary Parts for a 1kW Solar System 

To generate 1kW of power, you’ll need: 

Solar Panels

When using 250-watt panels, the number of solar panels required is definitely four. That being the case, two 500-watt panels can suffice. It is now important to guarantee that these panels are of high quality and fit the purpose of generating power in your case. 


These devices enjoy a sort of support structure because one cannot lay them directly on the ground, as this will not be effective. These frames afford the required support and direction for optimal reception of the right amount of sunlight. 


This means that batteries are used to store the extra energy generated by the solar panels since they cannot produce electricity during the night. It can be used during nighttime moments or perhaps cloudy days; hence, a constant supply of power is made possible. 

Inverter or UPS 

An inverter or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is then applied to restore this stored energy from batteries into electrical energy that can switch on household appliances. This specific component is very crucial in increasing as well as, equally important, in maintaining the power output. 


Thus, having a 1kW solar power system should be recommended for households with low power consumption. Besides helping to save electricity during the occurrence of load shedding, it is also effective in reducing electricity bills. When you make an investment in 1kW solar system, this will mean you have an unlimited source of energy for the next 20–30 years, free of charge.

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