FESCO Net Metering – Solar Metering in Pakistan

Do you want to switch to renewable energy sources and use less electricity this month? If you are looking for a way to make FESCO net metering work for you, read on. Net metering makes it possible for you to produce electricity through solar panels and get credit on your electricity bill. As promised, in … Read more

FESCO Bill Correction – Complete Procedure Step-by-Step

FESCO Bill Correction

FESCO Bill Correction Procedure: Have you or your organization received an inaccurate FESCO electricity bill in the past three months? It is disappointing when it is attributed to a wrong meter reading, increased tariffs, or the wrong customer data. So here’s the good news, help is available. This is your one-stop manual for correcting a … Read more

What is FESCO Demand Notice

What is FESCO Demand Notice: Electricity is one of the basic necessity in today’s world especially in the era of information technology which is being supplied and distributed through various companies in Pakistan. Out of all these, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is one entity that Energy Company Governance has influenced greatly. FESCO being useful … Read more

Electricity Bill Name Change Process in Pakistan

Electricity Bill Name Change Process: Its very easy to change your electricity bill name but you need to follow vital steps to make sure that you do it correctly. Well, if you are a new property owner or if you have need to change the billing information, then read this article carefully to know how … Read more

How to Subscribe FESCO SMS Service?

Do you wish that you were able to receive timely and accurate updates about FESCO? Worry no more! This FESCO SMS Service can help you track your electric bills. Please be informed about the payment details and everything you need. Now it is high time to describe in more detail the nature of this service … Read more

How to Reduce Electricity Bill? Full Guide

How to Reduce Electricity Bill?: Switching to a more efficient home lighting and saving your electricity bill helps on making our environment friendly. I would like to discover realistic and efficient strategies that would help you reduce your energy intake and have your electricity bills lowered. Improvement of Power-use Efficiency Economizing in power consumption is … Read more

What is FESCO MIS (Management Information System)?

what is fesco mis features information management system

In Pakistan, the power distribution sector has a very important feature because it has the responsibility to provide electricity supply to households and industries without interruption. Another stakeholder involved in this industry is the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), an organization that supplies electricity in the Faisalabad area. FESCO employs a Management Information System (MIS) … Read more