Disclosure Of Anomalies In Solar System Communications

Disclosure Of Anomalies In Solar System Communications: In the recent past, there has been an increased concern about social vices that are in some way related to the use of solar panels in different parts of the world, particularly in Lahore. These irregularities have ensured that solar companies take strict measures that will ensure customers adhere to the contractual terms.

Disclosure Of Anomalies In Solar System Communications

Escalating Violations and Consequences

Originally, certain violations of power generation agreements were identified in concerns like LESCO; various other divisions have more of the same. It has now been speculated that authorities have reached a consensus that anybody violating these agreements may have his or her services disconnected and the contract given to the particular user(s) may also be nullified.

Load Capacity Increase and What it Entails

Some consumers, who form contracts for the purchase of electrical energy of say five kilowatts, allegedly overload the system without permission. For example: many have increased their load from the initial five kw to 7.5 kw; some, having system capacities of 7.5 kw to 10 kw, have also augmented it.

Legal Ramifications

As a counteract to power generation, companies are ready to take legal consequences against such consumers strictly. There is the possibility that the violators may be locked out in the future or be unable to supply electricity at cheaper prices to WAPDA. In addition, these customers will only be permitted to import the number of units for which they have made a contract with WAPDA. Anything they are able to do to cause a reduction in the electricity bills could trigger a change in the contract terms.

Policy Changes and Regulations

The authorities have recently issued new rules that restrict the use of net metering to up to five kW for each consumer. Any owner who wishes to draw more current than this limit must sink an individual transformer. Also, what used to be accomplished with only one green meter has now been compounded to two green meters on the matter of net metering, thus incurring charges.


Altogether, seeming irregularities in the use of solar panels need efficient measures to control the violations of contractual provisions and legal requirements. Currently, the consumer has to abide by these regulations to face legal consequences or to promote sustainable use of energy resources.

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Q1. What are the consequences of exceeding the contracted load for solar panel users? 

A1. Punishments include disconnection of the services provided and contract cancellation, besides legal consequences.

Q2. How does the new policy limit net metering in Pakistan?

A2. Consumers can now only get net metering of up to five kilowatts per facility, provided that they install their own transformer.

Q3. Why are two green meters required for net metering now?

A3. The change is expected to enhance control of the energy produced and used so that proper records can be kept.

Q4. Can consumers appeal if they exceed the contracted load unintentionally? 

A4. Possible claims could be made, however, strict compliance with contractual provisions must be followed strictly in order not to incur costs.

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