How to Register FESCO Bill Complaints Online

fesco bill complaints online

Do you feel frustrated with the problems of FESCO bills and do not know who to turn to? You’re not alone. The anger that is brought on by receiving erroneous electricity bills or experiencing issues with power cuts can be immense. But as we all know, nothing is perfect in this world, and Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is not an exemption to this Saying this, of course, does not mean that FESCO has not eased its customers’ burden by coming up with a standard way through which complaints against it can be lodged. Now, let us provide all the necessary details regarding the manner in which you can go about lodging an online complaint to FESCO without any problem.

What is FESCO?

FESCO refers to Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, which is one of the biggest power distribution companies in Pakistan. This distribution company operates in the Faisalabad area and supplies power to millions of buyers, both residential, commercial and industrial.

Why FESCO Matters

It is a major responsibility of FESCO to ensure that electricity supply is maintained by supporting the electrical network, service, and power. Complaint management is also given as a vital service delivery, as it addresses the concerns of its customers and guarantees the stability of their supply.

From the above discussion, several common problems relating to FESCO bills have been identified, as follows:

Frequent Billing Errors

Let us begin with the most prevalent problem among customers, and that is improper billing. This can result from what some providers term wrong readings or outstanding units—clerical errors that generate huge bills.

Service Interruptions

I learned that when there is a power surge, the system can easily shut down, and this is most inconvenient. Some power blackouts are planned in advance, perhaps in preparation for maintenance or maybe due to some technical or natural reasons.

Meter Malfunctions

If meters are faulty, an issue that is very common, then billing might be ineffective and might result in over- or under-billing.

How to Register a FESCO Bill Complaint Online

FESCO official website may be accessed by following the link provided below. Make sure that you have an active internet connection to prevent any possible interruption from your complaint filing.

  • Step 2: Coming up is the section which will be named the Complaint Section

On the homepage, locate the complaint handling page to ensure you see what clients have to say about the product or service. This is often made noticeable enough to further help its users direct themselves to it.

  • Step 3: Fill up the required details

Customer ID, a description of the complaint, documents, among others. Always double-check the details to make sure they are correct.

  • Step 4: Filing of the complaint

After entering all the data, make sure it is correct, and then you can file a complaint. You will be issued a reference number, which you will be able to use to get information concerning the progress of the complaint.

  • Step 5: Follow Up

It is important to monitor the progress of the complaint with the help of the reference number given. Finally, if necessary, you should contact FESCO’s customer service to inquire about the progress of the delivery.

Strategies for Effective Complaint Handling

Be Clear and Concise

Do not be very descriptive when explaining your issue to avoid giving room for the examiner to ask questions pertaining to other additional information not stated. Present all relevant information that would be helpful to the reader without presenting all the non-essential information.

Attach Documents

If possible, attach the document that supports your complaint, such as previous bills, receipts, or photographs, if you had any in the past. This can assist in speeding up the degree to which the issues are resolved.

Keep Records

Ensure that you keep track of all the communications that you undertake with FESCO, whether by email, written message, or any other form of communication, and ensure that you record the reference numbers assigned to those communications. It can be beneficial in case another action is to be taken.

Advantages of using online Complaints System


Unlike in the past, where people had to spend a lot of time and effort visiting an office to have their complaints centralized, doing so through the online platform reduces time and effort.


The online system tends to work in the same way, making it easier compared to the manual way and tending to be quicker than the manual way as well.


An advantage of the online system is that one is able to monitor the progress of the complaint; this is especially important in the event that one may be waiting for the outcome of a particular complaint.


In the same way, encountering difficulties connected with electricity is not something one is eager to face; fortunately, the task of filing a complaint with FESCO solved most of the stress. Following all the steps mentioned in this guide, one stands to ensure that their concerns are well dealt with in the right manner. This is also evident since, through its online portal, FESCO has been able to commit itself to solving customer complaints and issues, which are a stepping stone towards achieving better customer service and satisfaction.


Q1. How to check FESCO complaint status?

A1. Complainants are able to track the status of the complaint by visiting the official FESCO website and then using the reference number that was given at the time of filing the complaint.

Q2. If no Response received about my complaint?

A2. In case you do not get a response to your complaint within any time frame as expected, feel free to contact FESCO through the helpline or through email support.

Q3. How to register a complaint on the behalf of another person?

A3. Yes, you can complain, but must provide the consumer details and the reason why you are complaining about that person.

Q4. What is the best time for registering a complaint about a billing issue?

A4. Ideally, it is recommended that one report an issue as soon as that person realizes the problem. Nonetheless, according to FESCO, complaints are usually accepted within a reasonable period of time from the date of the bill.

Q5. Do FESCO charge me for a billing complaint?

A5. No, it does not cost anything to file an online complaint with FESCO.

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