FESCO: Crackdown on Electricity Theft

To address the issue of electricity theft, FESCO has launched a massive drive in Faisalabad and offenders have been penalized heavily and even summoned to court. In 300 days, FESCO has achieved the following: the security operatives have arrested 9,847 people who were found guilty of stealing electricity in all the circles of operation. 

FESCO Crackdown on Electricity Theft

Extent of the Anti-Theft program 

FESCO has also managed an anti-theft campaign with much strategic planning in six operational circles with a focus on different types of electricity theft in the area. The teams in the company have been awake, working hard to expose all sorts of hustles and ensuring that all the culprits have to face the law. 

Penalties, fines, and legal steps or actions

While in the campaign, it was not only that FESCO had committed serious violations of the RS, but it also fined for the total amount of Rs. 1. 0007 billion to those convicted of electricity theft, showing a positive correlation between the two variables. This truly is a huge amount, which speaks not only of the comprehensive approach employed by FESCO but also of the company’s fight against unlawful and unfair distribution of electricity.  

Remark: The figures are elaborated in more detail and divided by opeational circles. 

First Circle, Faisalabad 

  • Estimation of electricity theft using the method yielded 2,362 incidences. 
  • Fine imposed: Rs. 235. 1 million 
  • Detection units: 5,585,000 

Second Circle: Faisalabad 

  • The case of electricity theft was established at 1,835 occasions. 
  • Fine imposed: Rs. 186. 9 million 
  • Detection units: 4,700,000 

Jhang Circle

  • Reported cases of electricity theft with the aid of diagnosis tool at 1,101 times 
  • Fine imposed: Rupees one hundred and ten million 
  • Detection units: 3,274,000 

Sargodha Circle  

  • Identification of 1,442 cases of electricity pilferage 
  • Fine imposed: Rs. 151. 4 million 
  • Detection units: 3,271,000 

Mianwali Circle

  • Thus, 2,457 cases of electricity theft were detected. 
  • Fine imposed: Rs. 237. 7 million 
  • Detection units: 4,913,000 

Toba Tek Singh Circle

  • Setting up of Police Task Force Teams through enlistment of 650 cases of theft of electricity. 
  • Fine imposed: Rs. 79. 6 million 
  • Detection units: 1,561,000 
  • Collective endeavours and social responsibilities 

Therefore, FESCO’s success in the campaign is not only in terms of the pounds that have been imposed but also in terms of its partnership with law enforcement agencies. Up to the present, there are 7,413 electricity thieves who have been caught ane large amounts of money have been secured, which improves the effect of discouragement for the unlawful doings. 


FESCO’s measures to combat electricity theft are strict, which show the company’s interest in providing equal distribution of electricity and accountable service to consumers. The outcomes accomplished within the framework of this campaign are as follows and can be viewed as a response to FESCO’s intent to make the power sector more ethical, thus creating a positive impact for consumers and the general public.

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