What is FESCO Demand Notice

What is FESCO Demand Notice: Electricity is one of the basic necessity in today’s world especially in the era of information technology which is being supplied and distributed through various companies in Pakistan. Out of all these, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is one entity that Energy Company Governance has influenced greatly.

what is fesco demand notice

FESCO being useful and playing an important role in serving Faisalabad area making certain of electricity for its clientele. However, similar to most firms in the utility sector, FESCO has a well-organized framework to regulate bill payment. If consumers are unable to remit their payments on time in FESCO amount they may receive a FESCO demand. This article focuses on understanding what FESCO demand noticed are all about, reasons why they are given, and what should be done when one receives one.

What is the FESCO Demand Notice?

A FESCO Demand Notice is a legal notification sent by the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company to the consumer who is in arrears to the Company for payment of electricity bills. This notice serves as a notification that tells the consumer about the delay s maken in payment, and demands prompt payment to be made. These notices could for instance; guarantee that as per FESCO consumers are aware of their monetary liability and facilitate actions that may be taken so as to deal with balances.

Why Are FESCO Demand Notices Issued?

FESCO Demand Notices are issued under several circumstances:

Non-payment of Bills:

The main cause for serving the demand notice is the consumer’s inability to pay for electricity bills most within the laid down time. FESCO relies on timely payments when operating, and lack of payment may prove detrimental to service delivery.

Accumulation of Arrears:

Collection becomes uncontrolled, and a demand notice is issued as the non-paying consumer continuously defaults payment. The outcome of this serves as FESCO’s way of recovering the dues that have been accrued.

Payment Terms Violation:

It is possible that consumers, who are in one way or the other, not paying GPC as per the stated payment terms in their bills may receive a demand notice. It serves as a cue to pay as per the schedule that both the buyer and the seller agreed on in the bargain.

Unauthorized Electricity Usage:

A demand notice is instructed when there are concerns of unlawful or unlawful consumption of electricity leading to investigation and payment of the consumed electricity.

What To Do If FESCO Demand Notice is Received?

Even though the notice may be shocking, the important thing is to respond to this kind of FESCO Demand Notice as quickly as possible. Here’s a guide on the necessary steps:Here’s a guide on the necessary steps:

1. Check the Notice:

Re-read the notice and identify possible further demands and charges to understand the details of the amount that is claimed to be overdue and the actual due date. Check the truthfulness of the information that relates to your electric current consumption.

2. Verify Bills:

When so doing, it is possible to cross-reference the amount indicated in the notice with the previous bills you have received and compare them. This means that there are likelihood of billing mistakes, hence the need to double check on billing.

3. Contact to FESCO:

Any questions or concerns that the receiver(s) may have about the above notice should get in touch with FESCO customer service. They can clarify each of the unclear terms and specify further actions to be taken.

4. Delayed Payments:

If the notice is valid, make the outstanding payment by the date of notice mentioned there. FESCO has made it easy for customers to pay their bills electronically by using online banking services, mobile banking or by paying them physically at any of the FESCO offices.

5. Avoid Procrastination:

How Payment is made frequently to meet the demand notice and avoid other charges or disconnection of electricity service. In this case all payments are delayed so it means additional fees are usually charged.

6. Stop Delay:

If it is impossible to make an immediate full payment then look for ways to come to an agreement with FESCO regarding the payBACK payment process. They may be willing to allow you pay them through an installment agreement so that you can make payments toward your bill gradually.


Demand notices basically form an important revenue instrument that is employed by FESCO in order to ensure the collection of electricity bills owed by consumers. Customers have to view such notices seriously, read them carefully, and clear their bills in a timely manner to have services uninterrupted. It is imperative that there should be concerns and complaints filed in FESCO for the settlement of disputes or to deliberate on problems regarding these notices. Consumers can receive a smooth electricity services in the Faisalabad region with paid bills on or before due dates under provision of payment terms.

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