How to Apply for a New FESCO Meter Connection? – 2024

Electricity is used to make almost everything in all aspects of life, starting from the homes that we live in to the businesses that we conduct. In case if you are in search of a new electricity connection in Pakistan especially FESCO Faisalabad, this article is for you. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step plan to help you navigate the process of new FESCO connection.

How to Apply for Fesco New Connection

Why FESCO New Connection?

Changing Residence

Moving to a new house requires one to get the utilities and a new electricity connection is one of the necessities.

Starting a Business

A new commercial connection needs to be established since businesses need constant electricity.

Step up from an Existing Connection

At other times, a change of use from residential to commercial or adding load factor may require a new connection application.

Connections Provided by FESCO

Residential Connections

In regard to residences and individual applications, a stable and a sufficient supply of electricity is unerring.

Commercial Connections

In the case of businesses; shops, offices and the likes it offers more capacity and reliability than the standard models.

Industrial Connections

For factories and big industries where they need the highest usage and specific service.

Conditions for Applying for a New Connection

Necessary Documents

This would need a set of documents such as CNIC proof, proof of ownership or occupancy and NOC from the local authorities.

Eligibility Criteria

As for the applicant’s personal traits, the applicant must be of legal age, must not have any balance on an old connections file/ Contact, must meet any other FESCO requirements.

In this article, one is privileged to read a detailed guide to the application process for a new FESCO connection.

Online Application Process

The FESCO has an online application provided by the company for the process of getting a job. Here’s how to do it:Here’s how to do it:

Basic registration on the FESCO website

  • Go to the official FESCO website.
  • Go to the registration page and enter your own personal information to create a new account.
  • Completing the Application Form
  • Click the login button to your account.
  • Click on the Tab ‘New Connection’ and accurately complete the application form.
  • Uploading Required Documents
  • Scan and attach relevant documents to the application as may be required.

Note: Ensure the documents are not blurry and are easy to read.

  • Submitting the Application

Review the information provided.

After completing the application form, one should keep the reference number of the applying form for future use.

Offline Application Process

  1. Visit the nearest FESCO office.
  2. Find out where the nearest FESCO office is situated.
  3. Visit during working hours.
  4. Collecting the Application Form
  5. Go to the office and ask for a new connection application form.
  6. Filling Out the Form
  7. Complete the registration form with the necessary details.
  8. Double-check for accuracy.
  9. Completing the Form with the Necessary Papers
  10. Attach the necessary documents.
  11. Take the form to the indicated counter/office.

Tracking Your Application Status

Steps to tracing the status of your application online

  • If you have a FESCO account, log in to the website where you can get information about current and previous FESCO oil shipments.
  • In the panel on the left, find the ‘Application Status’ link and click on it.
  • Please provide your reference number, so that the current status of your application can be checked by you.

Contacting FESCO Customer Service

Sometimes, you may need further assistance or develop some problems For this, FESCO has provided a customer service number and an email address.

What Happens During a Site Inspection

Your application must be filled and submitted to FESCO after which an appointment for site visit shall be arranged to review the information submitted. A team will visit your facilities to discuss the feasibility of a new connection.

How Long the Approval Process Takes

After completing and submitting an application, it can take a few days to a couple of weeks for approval, based on issues like how busy the organization is, and the details of the application submitted.

Installation of New Connection

Scheduling the Installation

After you complete the steps above, you will receive a confirmation of its approval and you will be scheduled for the connection to be installed.

What You Should Anticipate During the Installation

As planned, our technicians from FESCO will come to your facility for equipment installation for the necessary equipment to check their functionality.

Costs Involved

Application Fees

First of all, it is necessary to pay the initial fee while submitting your application.

Security Deposit

An amount equivalent to the load requirement will be paid as security deposit.

Installation Charges

Further expenses such as installation may incur depending on how complex the installation process will be and the kind of equipment required.

Common Issues and Solutions

Delays in Processing

Many times, there are a lot of applications, and that may sometimes cause a delay in the process. Indeed, patience and follow-up can assist.

Missing Documents

Make sure all documents are sent and in the right format so as to not cause any problems later.

Technical Issues

Applying online may involve technical difficulties at time, choose another browser or contact customer care service.

Strategies for Successful Application

Double-Checking Documents

All the documents should be properly filled and free from errors before they are submitted.

Applying During Off-Peak Times

It is advised that the application is submitted during off-peak hours to reduce the time spent waiting for a response.

How to Track Your Application

Don’t just wait for notifications, track the status of your application, and contact the employer if you have to.


As much as applying for a new FESCO connection might sound quite challenging, the outlined steps alongside proper preparation through compilation of relevant documents should ease the process. Whether it be moving to a new neighborhood or starting a business up from the ground or even just upgrading, FESCO is ready to supply the necessary power.

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FAQs About FESCO New Connection

Q. How long does it take to get a new connection?

Enforcement takes up to a few days to two weeks or more depending on the rated workload and the degree of completion of your application.

Q. What should I do if my application is rejected?

Check the reasons for rejection, rectify the issues and resubmit the application with the necessary changes.

Q. Can I apply for multiple connections at once?

Yes, it is possible to apply for multiple connections, although the separate applications with the necessary documentation will be needed.

Q. What are the payment options for the fees?

Payments can usually be made through bank transfer, online transfer or in any other of the FESCO offices as described above under each fee.

Q. Is there any way to expedite the process?

There is no direct way to apply for it, but there are certain general procedure that can be adopted in order to get it as soon as possible when all of the necessary documents have been prepared properly and are correct.