FESCO Power Shutdown Notice on July 5, 2024

FESCO has announced a power outage for Friday, July 5, 2024. This disruption is crucial for the purposes of maintenance and even extension of the electricity lines that supply power to all citizens and other entities.

fesco power shutdown notice 5 july 2024

Affected Areas

The areas that will experience a power outage include the following, according to the notification from FESCO Power Company:

  • Nawaz Town
  • CTM
  • Sandal
  • Ali Town
  • Sargodha Road
  • Dry Port
  • Samana
  • Usman Block
  • Sargodha Cloth Processing

These areas are twelve and a half kilometers away from the 132 KV Chiniot Road grid station, which is also requiring some overhauls & maintenance works.

Purpose of the Shutdown

The scheduled shutdown is crucial for several reasons:

  • Repair: Correcting known defects and checking that all the lines and equipment are in the best state they can be.
  • Maintenance: Conventional routine maintenance work is done to minimize the emanations of unanticipated breakdowns and to increase the durability of the electrical work.
  • Expansion: Adding new lines to the existing ones to increase capacity to be able to meet future load demands while equally enhancing the purpose of the lines.

What to Expect

Persons using electricity directly should be ready for a power outage that might last for the better part of the day. Here are some steps to mitigate the inconvenience:

  • Plan Ahead: It is required to do all the important work that needs electricity before the electricity shut-off starts.
  • Backup Power: If possible, the next preventive measure is to find a source for other means of electricity, such as generators or UPS systems, to power important commodities.
  • Stay Informed: The best source of information in this regard would be to check the official sources through which FESCO disseminates information related to this topic, such as a new update or more information.

Contact Information

For more details about FESCO service or to report any kind of problem, the customer service number is just a call away. They have assured clients that they will solve any issues or offer help during this period of maintenance.


Thus, despite the planned power blackout that may lead to certain inconveniences, it is an essential measure for the stable and effective functioning of Faisalabad’s electricity supply in the long term. On behalf of FESCO and all those affected during the construction project implementation, the company extends gratitude and understanding. 

Thus, the company tries to address these issues within the framework of the proposed repairs and upgrades in order to improve the quality of the power supply and reduce the probability of unanticipated failures in the further operation of facilities. Some challenges are only temporary, and one should be ready to deal with any interruption in this case to eliminate all the problems hassle-free. 

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