Homage UPS Price in Pakistan 2024 List

Homage has been active in the power appliance market of Pakistan since it was officially established in 2007. While Homage is recognized for its power appliances like solar panels, generators, inverters, and many more, Homage is equally efficient in home appliances like microwave ovens and water dispensers. Such appliances are developed using advanced technology, with particular emphasis on the protection of the end-users. 

Homage UPS Price in Pakistan 2024 List

Homage Inverters

Homage inverters are mainly developed to solve energy crisis issues and serve as power back up inverters. As for these inverters, they are appreciated for their great wear resistance and the possibility of providing a constant power supply throughout the day. Some of the features that are unique to Homage inverters include overload protection, new and sophisticated charging systems and modern styles and designs. 

Series of Homage Inverters

Homage offers two primary series of inverters: The Solar Hybrid Inverters Series and the Home Inverters Series.

Solar Hybrid Inverters Series 

Solar hybrid inverters are self-charging devices that convert sunlight to power the home’s backupsupply for the improvement of living standards without stress. These inverters are easy to install in homes and offices and the following are additional protectors for handling heavy-duty appliances. The sub-series within the Solar Hybrid Inverters are: The sub-series within the Solar Hybrid Inverters are: 

Tron Duo Solar Inverters series

  • Hexa Solar Inverters Series
  • Electron Solar Inverters Series
  • Vertex Solar Inverter Series 

Each of these inverters allows for two input sources, namely solar power and utility power, at the same time.

Home Inverters Series

Home inverters are those that change the direct current power into alternating current power and they have an in-built facility that protects the inverter from overheating and overcharging. It must be stated that these inverters are most suitable for regulating safety and effectiveness in a number of areas. The Home Inverters Series includes: The Home Inverters Series includes:

  • Tron Uno Inverters Series
  • Electron Inverters Series
  • Neon Inverters Series 

For example, the Electron series is ideal for small-scale businesses or shops and can be used at a constant economical rate with no contractors, with the capability to run 5 lights or 5 fans at a time during load-shedding, aided by a silent and automatic power backup.

Model Price
Homage Vertex Solar Supported Inverter (Hvs 1214 scc) 1200va 1000watts 12vdc 230vac Rs. 47,900
Homage Vertex Solar Supported Inverter Hvs 2414 scc 2400va 1800watts 24vdc 230vac Rs. 64,300
Homage HVS 1214SCC Vertex Series 1000 Watts UPS Inverter Rs. 65,500
Homage HVS 2414 SCC Vertex Series 1800 Watts UPS Inverter Rs. 65,000
Homage Heat & Cool 1.5ton Inverter Air Conditioner ELEMENT SERIES – HES1804S -75% Energy Saver Rs. 107,700
Homage Inverter AC HCS-1203S eCrystal Glass Inverter Series 1.0ton Black Rs. 142,700
Homage SERIES HES-1204S Heat & Cool 1 ton Inverter Air conditioner ELEMENT -75% Energy Saver Rs. 136,400
Homage HCS-1801 H/C Classic 75% Series (Heat & Cool only-Inverter Split) 1.5 TON Rs. 167,500
Homage HES-1804S Split Inverter AC Heat & Cool Air Conditioners Rs. 167,500
Homage 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Up to 75% Energy Saving HCS-1803S 18000 BTU Heat & Cool Crystal Series Air Condition Rs. 179,600

Homage remains the market leader through integrating innovation and reliability, and thus is the go-to choice for individuals who require reliable power solutions in Pakistan. 


Q1. Which type of technology is used in Homage appliances? 

A1. Thus, we can offer the new generation of Homage appliances with modern technologies for safety and security. 

Q2. What are the characteristics of homage inverters? 

A2. Homage inverters have features such as overload protection, advanced charging systems, and a better appearance.

Q3. What constitutes a solar hybrid inverter?

A3. The solar hybrid inverters are recharged by solar power and also ensure power backup.  

Q4. Which are the sub-types of solar hybrid inverters? 

A4. The sub-series are Tron Duo, Hexa, Electron, and Vertex. 

Q5. What are home inverters?

A5. Home inverters that are available on the market change DC power into AC power and they offer overheat and overcharge protectors.

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