Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

In any case talking about the battery manufacturing industry of Pakistan, the name that has set foothold in the market and earned confidence is Osaka. It has also noted that Osaka batteries are long lasting and perform well hence this cements its place in the markets.

osaka battery price in pakistan

Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

Consumers have placed their trust on Osaka due to the latter’s dependable batteries. Among the general peculiarities of Osaka, one can mention the fact that they offer a great choice of batteries for every need. Whether it’s a battery for your car, home inverters, or even large machines, Osaka has the right solution for you. 

Why Osaka Batteries Are Popular

Purchasers prefer Osaka batteries due to the consistency of power when the device is frequently used. One of the critical factors contributing to this reliability is why people in Pakistan prefer Osaka. Below is an overview of the prices for different models of Osaka batteries: Below is an overview of the prices for different models of Osaka batteries: 

Price List

Battery ModelPrice (PKR)Battery Capacity
Osaka 12GEN-MR35 GeneratorRs. 9,40020 Ah
Osaka 12GEN-MR45 GeneratorRs. 94,0025 Ah
Osaka CR65L+Rs. 12,60040 Ah
Osaka MF-100LRs. 20,00080 Ah
Osaka V110ZL+Rs. 22,30085 Ah
Osaka MF110RRs. 22,50090 Ah
Osaka T125-S Platinum PlusRs. 23,600100 Ah
Osaka P175-S Platinum PlusRs. 32,000120 Ah
Osaka IPS 1200-DRs. 35,000120 Ah
Osaka IPS 1300-DRs. 38,000130 Ah
Osaka P210-S Platinum PlusRs. 39,500155 Ah
Osaka IPS 1600-DRs. 41,500160 Ah
Osaka IPS 2000-DRs. 45,300170 Ah
Osaka P250-S Platinum PlusRs. 45,000180 Ah
Osaka P290-Z Platinum PlusRs. 55,000215 Ah

Affordable and High-Quality Batteries

Osaka not only focuses on providing the production of high-quality batteries for customers but also the battery’s reasonable price. In addition, should there be any challenges, Osaka’s customer relations section is very responsive and helpful. Osaka batteries are appreciated in Pakistan because, with them, you obtain reliable power. 


Therefore, Osaka Battery Company has taken a noble position in the Pakistani battery industry by providing different quality, durable, and cheaper batteries. Regardless of the battery usage category—domestic appliances or manufacturing equipment—Osaka is now associated with reliability and efficiency.  

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Q1. Why are Osaka batteries popular in Pakistan?

A1. Osaka batteries are popular for their effectiveness, long life span, and versatility in terms of usage.

Q2. What types of batteries does Osaka offer?

A2. Osaka deals in batteries for mobile phones, automobiles, generators, and earth-moving equipment.

Q3. Are Osaka batteries affordable?

A3. Yes, Osaka batteries are comparatively cheaper, but they do not compromise on the quality of the batteries.

Q4. How is the customer service for Osaka batteries?

A4. Osaka provides help for different problems or questions, and the support is as fast and friendly as the cuisine.

Q5. Can Osaka batteries handle frequent use?

A5. Yes, these Osaka batteries are also made to provide a steady power supply despite being charged numerous times.

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