Pro-Rata Billing Truth: FESCO Denies Overbilling Allegations

Currently, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has implemented pro-rata billing in a total of eight districts in its region for one billing month that may be thirty or even thirty-one days. This allegation of overbilling is just propaganda; usually people do not get their bills increased and burn their fingers. This is only propaganda, Interected FESCO Spokesperson Tahir Sheikh.

Pro-Rata Billing Truth FESCO Denies Overbilling Allegations

Ministry Directives and Billing Acuity

On Monday, he spelled out in an announcement that, based on the guidelines given by the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), bills are sent to 4.8 million domestic users based on their consumption pattern that spans one month. The objective of this initiative was to streamline billing for the consul in a timely and accurate way.

Addressing Historical Concerns

Earlier, customers pointed out that with increased reading periods, such as a month, the readings were not possible; however, with Pro-Rata billing, accurate readings for a full month are possible. Earlier, it was noted that Meter Readers themselves had the discretion as to billing days: However, pro-rata billing is beneficial to consumers rather than the distribution company, he said.

Consumer Benefits

In addition, the FESCO spokesperson was kind enough to provide a breakdown of the monetary summations as follows: As for the pro-rata billing, the 137,000 consumers gained one million units in June. On the other hand, nearly 14,000 of its consumers received premature Pro-Rata readings because of the Eid holidays.

Measures for Affected Consumers

According to the directives of FESCO’s Engineer Muhammad Amir, specific measures have been put in place to mitigate the losses of 14,000 affected consumers in the region.

Seasonal Variations in Consumption

The number of protected customers increases during the winter, when consumption and contracts are lower, and decreases in the summer, when electricity is used more.

Commitment to Service Excellence

CEO Engineer Muhammad Amir promised his commitment and firm pledge not to compromise on the company’s future goals and objectives, which include and will continue to include the provision of uninterrupted power supply, excellent customer service, and, most importantly, accuracy and fairness in the billing system, as this corresponds with the people’s power consumption.

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