What Is The FESCO Meter Reading Schedule?

FESCO Meter Reading Schedule: When it comes to utilizing the functions of utility services, it is highly beneficial to understand and regulate the meter reading schedule for electricity billing. The FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) meter reading schedule has a significant role in this concern and properly scheduling the bill cycles and usage transparency for the consumers of Faisalabad. 

fesco meter reading schedule

Explaining Meter Reading 

Taking meter readings entails exercising the measurement of the amount of electricity you have consumed, as indicated by FESCO from time to time. This reading is basic for creating your electricity bill, which shows how many kilowatt-hours of electricity the customer has used in a certain billing cycle. 

Importance of Accurate Reading 

Reading the meters ensures that consumers are charged accordingly with the electricity used, enhancing billing. 

Frequency of Readings 

FESCO reads meters regularly according to the schedule, and most often it is done monthly or bimonthly depending on the concrete territory where you are connected to and the type of connection that you have chosen. 

Where and When to Find Your Meter Reading 

Finding where to look for your FESCO meter reading schedule is very easy. This information can often be judged by the customer’s electricity tariff or by visiting the official website of FESCO. 

Factors Affecting Meter Reading

Seasonal Variations

This means that the usage of electricity is seasonal and therefore affects how frequently and when meter readings are taken. 

Meter Accessibility

Allowing FESCO’s personnel to access the meter averts the risk of relying on estimates, which may distort the actual reading obtained from the meter. 

Meter Reading Management and its Related Techniques 

Regular Monitoring 

Daily checks on your power use may help in detecting abnormalities and paying the right bill. 

Communication with FESCO 

Keeping a good relationship with FESCO and being able to report any problem with your meter readings as soon as it is noticed can help in coming up with a solution. 


Hence, it is crucial for every electricity consumer in Faisalabad to comprehend the schedule of FESCO meter readings. Thus, consumers are aware of correct billing and proper management of electricity usage and avoid being victims of electricity theft. 


How often does FESCO conduct meter readings?

FESCO normally reads meters for consumption either monthly or bimonthly.

Where can I find my FESCO meter reading schedule?

The FESCO meter reading schedule can be obtained from the electricity bill statement or by logging on to the official FESCO website.

Why is accurate meter reading important?

Taking accurate meter readings into consideration, the consumers are charged accurately in proportion to the electricity usage that they have made, thereby increasing fairness readings.

What should I do if I notice discrepancies in my meter readings?

If you find such inconsistencies, it is recommended that you report them to FESCO customer service as soon as possible.

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